Cute Fun Kitty Cat Lucky Charm Belly Button Pink Sparkling Crystals Amulet Pendant 18 Inch Necklace mWNW7E4O

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    CoolAmulets® Collection. One of the Kind Cute Funky Kitty Cat Belly Button Crystals Lucky Charm.

    Crystal will Shine and Sparkle making your Lucky Charm Very Cool, Attractive and Eye Catching. Amulet Size: 40 X 23mm. Pendant is Ready to Wear with Beautiful Stainless Steel Bead Style 18 inch Chain Necklace.Comes with Gift Kind PackagingAbsolutely Unique and Special Sparkling and Magic Cute Kitty Cat Amulet. Charm is being Designed with Cute Pink Sparkling Crystal Belly Button and makes each piece to be Absolutely Unique. Lucky Charm Necklace comes with Beautiful Bead Style Chain and makes it Ready to wear.

    Look Special, Cool and Magic with your Own Unique Fun Kitty Cat Sparkling Amulet.